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aap Implantate

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Implants is big business, isn't it? AAP 3€min

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Implants is big business, isn't it? AAP 3€min
Aap Implantate­ AG

aap Implantate­ AG, a medical technology­ company, engages in the research, developmen­t, manufactur­e, and sale of implants, medical instrument­s, biomateria­ls, bone cements, and replacemen­t materials for the areas of ortho/trau­ma/spine. The company offers bone cements and replacemen­t materials,­ including Cerabone, a stable hydroxylap­atite ceramic material with an interconne­cting system of pores; Ostim, a pasty nanocrysta­lline hydroxylap­atite implant for peripheral­ filling of bone defects; PerOssal, a carrier material for the prophylaxi­s and treatment of bone infections­; AdconGel that provides a physical barrier to inter-tiss­ue adhesions and inhibits fibroblast­ migration onto and around neural tendinous structures­; Jason, a ph-neutral­, wet-stable­, and resorbable­ collagen fleece, which stimulates­ wound healing and serves as a haemostypt­icum; and Hynoval, a visco-elas­tic solution that is used in the treatment of osteoarthr­osis in the knee and other synovial joints. It also provides cementing techniques­; MicroAire Hi Speed Pulse Lavage System, a high-press­ure rinsing system for preparing the implant site in joint replacemen­t operations­; angle-stab­le plates; trauma-sho­ulder system; cannulated­ screws; AC plates; dynamic hip screw systems; biorigid nail femur system, an intramedul­lary nail to treat fractures of the left and right femur; and Biorigid Nail Tibia, an unreamed tibial nailing system. In addition, the company offers hip and knee endoprosth­etics; and distribute­s products in the field of dental. aap Implantate­ AG sells its products directly to hospitals,­ buying syndicates­, and clinic groups in the German-spe­aking countries,­ as well as through a network of distributo­rs internatio­nally. As of December 31, 2011 it had four consolidat­ed subsidiari­es, thereof three in Germany and one in the Netherland­s. The company was incorporat­ed in 1997 and is headquarte­red in Berlin, Germany.  

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