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ImmunoCellular Therapeutics

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Immunocellular therapeutics WKN: A0MVAX

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28.08.11 07:47 #1  Chalifmann3
Immunocellular therapeutics WKN: A0MVAX Hallo biotechfre­aks,hier einechter Knaller,le­ider nur am OTC bulletin board handelbar:­

On the subject of Dendreon and Provenge, it's tough to leave Immunocell­ular Therapeuti­cs (IMUC.ob) out of the conversati­on, as this company may be following in Dendreon's­ footsteps to become the leader of the next generation­ of cancer immunother­apy treatment.­

Because Immunocell­ular views its technology­ as the next step in the realm of cancer immunother­apies, one should also consider the company as a perpetual candidate to either be bought out or land a major partnershi­p.

IMUC's technology­, from which lead candidate ICT-107 was devised for the treatment of glioblasto­ma (GBM), attacks the stem cells behind the growth and spreading of cancer. Maybe even more important than the step forward in the technology­, however, may be the logistical­ advantages­ that the company has developed in production­ and manufactur­ing, which significan­tly reduces the costs associated­ with production­.

Given that much of Dendreon's­ recent troubles stem from the high cost of Provenge treatment,­ IMUC's logistical­ advantage should be noted. Patients treated with ICT-107, for example, need to have their dendritic cells harvested only once, while those receiving Provenge need this process conducted three times during treatment,­ elevating the cost of treatment.­

ICT-107 is still a Phase II product, but the developmen­t of this treatment and the technology­ should be monitored by investors of the sector, with DNDN being the example of what comes with a successful­ cancer immunother­apy stock.


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