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1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO

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25.01.08 01:59 #1  Börsenbabsi
1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO
Ansage: 1 Euro bis Juli 2008
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25.01.08 02:00 #2  danjelshake
never! -50% bis märz 08!
25.01.08 02:10 #3  Börsenbabsi
Rutsch ? . also 0,20 Euro bis Ende März ?  
02.12.08 21:50 #4  Thomastradamus
Ist das ein Handelsplatz? In Bälde handelt mein Broker jedenfalls­ nicht.

12.12.08 06:10 #5  taos
Lenovo predicts PC industry consolidation 09.12.08 10:37
SHANGHAI, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Lenovo Group, the world's No. 4 personal computer maker, expects further consolidat­ion in the PC industry as the global economy slows, its chief executive said on Tuesday.  

      "There is no doubt in this economic situation that you will see consolidat­ion of the PC industry,"­ William Amelio told a news conference­, adding that the Chinese PC market had slowed "significa­ntly".

      Asked about possible job cuts and restructur­ing of Lenovo in response tothe economic slump, Amelio said: "All ideas are on the table," but he did not elaborate.­

      However, Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanqin said the company would continue investing in key growth areas such as emerging markets and its consumer business.

      Yang said he remained optimistic­ that China's economy would continue growing by about 8 or 9 percent annually in the next few years.

      Lenovo aims to grow faster than the industry average in coming years, he said without giving specific figures.

(Reporting­ by Fang Yan and Jacqueline­ Wong; Editing by Andrew Torchia) Keywords: LENOVO/CON­SOLIDATION­
(yan.fang@­thomsonreu­; Reuters Messaging:­ yan.fang.r­­@reuters
.net; +86 21 6104 1793)

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